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MacOS IKEv2 Manual Setup
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*Manual IKEv2 setup is available to Premium users only.
**This setup was made on MacOS  Ventura 13.4.1. However, the steps will work fine for older MacOS versions as well.

***Freemium users can connect to IKEv2 protocol via the PrivadoVPN app. If you use an older Mac version, please contact Support and request a compatible app. 


Before proceeding to the actual setup, you will need to obtain a VPN server name as well as your Privado username and password.


1. Log in to your Privado Admin area; copy and save your Privado Username for a manual connection. The Password will be the same as the one you use to log in to the Privado Admin area or the PrivadoVPN application. You will need these details later on to set up your IKEv2 connection. 



2. After saving your credentials, click or Find your preferred server location on the left. Next, under "Server", copy and save your server name.

  • Optionally, you can use either the server name (ex. or the server IP (ex. from the next column as your server name. 
  • You can copy and save several server names if you would like to set up and connect to several locations on demand.
    "Capacity" means the percentage of free available slots on a particular server; i.e. the higher the number is, the better. 


IKEv2 set up on MacOS

1. Click on the Apple logo icon in the corner; next, click "System Settings".



2.  Select the VPN tab and click "Add VPN configuration". 



3. Select the IKEv2 option. 



4. Under the Authentication tab, choose "Username". Our IKEv2 connection is ready for setup. 


5. Now you'll need to enter the VPN server name, along with your Privado credentials you save saved in Step 1. 

  • The display name can be any. For the sake of convenience, we chose the city name our VPN server belongs to. 

  • For the Server Address, you can use either  or 

  • Remote ID

  • Local ID

  • For Username and Password, please enter the credentials you saved in Step 1. 

  • Click "Create".


6.  Use the slider to connect your newly setup connection. At this step, you can create additional VPN connections, if needed, by clicking "Add VPN configuration". Use the same steps and alternative VPN server names than you have saved previously. 

Congratulations! You have successfully connected to PrivadoVPN: 



If you would like to have a handy VPN icon in your Mac top bar in order to monitor your connection status and quick "Connect/Disconnect" access, please perform the next additional steps. 

1. Click the Apple logo in the corner again, then "System Settings". 

  • Find "Control Centre", then scroll down until you see "VPN".
  • Use the arrows to select "Show in Menu Bar". Now you will see the VPN control button fixed in your top Menu Bar


2. By clicking on it, you can additionally select it to display the following:

  • VPN connection time
  • VPN status while connecting
  • "Connect/Disconnect" options for quick access


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us 24/7; we're happy to help!

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