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How to uninstall other AV engines
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If you see a message about conflicting antivirus software during the installation of Privado Sentry, remove the installed antivirus and repeat the installation:




If the problem persists, it indicates that the previous antivirus software did not remove itself correctly, requiring additional steps: 


1. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator



2. Execute the command: WMIC /Node:localhost /Namespace:\root\SecurityCenter2 Path AntiVirusProduct get * /value



3. Launch the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester command: WBEMTEST

4. Click the "Connect..." button



5. Enter: root/securitycenter2

6. Click the "Connect" button



7. Click the "Query..." button

8. Enter: SELECT * from Antivirusproduct

9. Click the "Apply" button



10. Choose the antivirus to delete.



11. Click the "Delete" button


Then restart your PC and try to install the Privado Sentry software.


If you have any questions or have issues, please contact our support team:

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