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How do I cancel my PrivadoVPN account?
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Before you cancel

We value your business and would like to make sure you receive the most from your PrivadoVPN account.  Most VPN issues are very easy to resolve in just a few clicks.  Please check these quick steps to troubleshoot the most common VPN issues on any device:


If you need more help, please contact our team, and we will be happy to assist you.



How to Cancel the Account

1. If you still prefer to cancel your account, you can do it online from your Admin area:  


**Please note that this will only set your account to "do not renew" mode, and you will still have access until the end of your billing cycle.  If you would like to cancel your account immediately or receive a refund, please contact our support team. More details about refunds are available here.



2. Next, click 'Cancel Subscription'.



3. Fill in the reason for the cancellation and confirm the cancellation.  


4. A system note will be displayed to confirm the cancellation. All done!


Partner accounts 

If you received a PrivadoVPN activation token from one of our preferred partners, you will need to contact the Partners' Support Team or cancel your VPN add-on through their admin panel. 

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